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Carey Chico


Who ever thought that mowing the lawn for a guy from Atari would inspire a lifelong career in the game industry? Carey is a creative at heart, and has served in a variety of roles from development to business to executive management.


With over 22 years in the biz, Carey has been a prime contributor to companies such as Activision and Pandemic Studios, the latter which he helped to found in 1998 and grew to an $800m purchase by Electronic Arts. Pandemic received dozens of accolades for their games including Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries and Full Spectrum Warrior franchises. Throughout his career he has worked with major publishers such as EA, Activision, Lucas Arts and THQ.


After Pandemic, Carey helped start Globex Studios, where he took a team of 30 people and grew it into a 200 person studio spanning 3 locations across China and Taiwan. He also co-founded Bonanza Media, focused on making social casino games using Dreamworks IP.


Christopher Hunt

 Art Director

While drawing dinosaurs on walls of his home as a small child, his parents realized that he had a gift and steered him towards honing his artistic talent.


Over his 20 year career, Christopher worked at a variety of companies ranging from film/television graphics to web development. However, his true passion is creating art for the games. He has created fantastic artwork on several titles, two of which (Full Spectrum Warrior & The Saboteur) received awards for ‘Best Art Direction’. 


In his spare time, Christopher is an avid athlete: Snowboarding, Hiking, Sport Shooting, Yoga, Boxing, Crossfit, Mixed Martial Arts and also holds a second degree Black Belt in Krav Maga.

George Sutty

Chief Engineer

George is a 29-year game industry veteran with a BA in Computer Science at Vasser and a MA in Mathematics from UCLA. His vast array of coding skills includes Assembly, C/C++ code, Unity, Shaders for PC, Wii, PS2, PS3, X360, iOS. This guy has worked on everything from engine architecture to tool creation.


George comes with a veritable library of game titles to his name spread across everything from mobile to PC to console.

He’s a speed demon in the programming seat and can mock up a game prototype quicker than you can say “technical specification.”

When George is not surfing—he’s probably surfing…

Highly motivated UCLA graduate with a degree in Computer Science specializing in VR and AR technologies and interactive media.


  • Won First Prize LA Hacks Olympics for his work on a VR room where you can watch TV and interact with friends

  • Won AT&T mobile app hackathon for best Overall App for his work on a VR fisheye app  

Weijia Yu


Leo is a Cal State Long Beach graduate who is equally as passionate a gamer as he is a dancer. One could say that he is as lightining fast with his hands and he is his feet. Leo works as a generalist on all parts of the game. 

Leo Montegrande


Passionate Researcher and Engineer with a focus on VR and AR technologies B.S. in Computer Science with an M.F.A in Interactive Media Design at USC


  • Researcher at Institute of High Performance Computing at Tsinghua University

  • Code efficiency expert with practical design pattern experience

  • First Prize in the National College Physics Competition for two years

Jiadi Deng


Bob Shafron


Bob is a 45-year technology industry veteran who focuses on emerging technologies. He has worked extensively in sales for HP, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Convex, and Softimage. Bob's clients include Disney Animation, Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts, Activision, and Lucasfilm. Bob has also focused on providing mobile application product testing, recently completing an engagement for a Samsung startup.


Bob is a VR superfan. His personal home HTC Vive Room Scale setup is populated with over 130 VR games and experiences. This allows him to experience VR and not just talk about it.


Bob loves hiking, and hiked 1,250 miles in the Santa Monica Mountains last year.

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